What are some subtle signs of sexual harassment at work?

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When you struggle to get up and go to work because of the attitudes and actions of coworkers or bosses, you may start to wonder about the definition of sexual harassment.

Not all instances of sexual harassment are obvious at first. Taking notice of comments and actions that leave you uncomfortable in the workplace can help you decide what steps to take next.

Inappropriate jokes and conversations

According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, sexual harassment happens when a person or group of people makes unwelcome statements or advances on another person. Men and women can be both aggressors and victims of this problem.

One part of understanding sexual harassment is knowing what a hostile work environment is. This kind of environment happens when a worker feels unsafe, which can happen when they face repeated sexual comments or inappropriate jokes.

Romantic pressure from others

When you feel pressure from a particular coworker or boss to date them, you may have intense anxiety. Constant comments and off-color jokes about sexual topics involving you can add to the feeling of a hostile work environment.

This person may even suggest that you must date them in order to advance your career or get a promotion. You may feel as if you cannot refuse or else this person will retaliate.

Unwelcome touches and contact

When coworkers or bosses touch your waist, back, hips or any other area of your body, these touches could make you uncomfortable. Repeated physical contact like hugs or shoulder massages when you do not want a coworker to touch you can contribute to the harassment.

Understanding that sexual harassment can seem subtle at first can help you if you notice signs of it at your workplace.