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Sexual & Racial Harassment

Decades ago, sexual harassment was a regular and normal occurrence in the workplace across all industries. Not only that, but it was an accepted form of interaction between colleagues and supervisors. Today, the laws provide protection for those who are victims of any type of sexual harassment at work. Sexual harassment will likely persist, but rest assured there are laws and attorneys dedicated to helping employees.

At Martin D. Haverly, Attorney at Law, we are such a firm. Our firm has represented Delaware employees for more than 19 years in sexual harassment and discrimination claims. We also represent clients pro hac vice in a variety of other states. While our tradition of providing legal guidance for employees continues, we also advise employers in such matters, helping them to take the correct steps necessary to resolve harassment claims.

Sexual harassment most often falls into either of two categories:

  • Quid pro quo: In this type of sexual harassment, there is a proposed exchange — a sexual favor for a raise/promotion/another positive benefit or in exchange for not being fired.
  • Hostile work environment: Unwanted gestures, jokes, touching, sending or displaying sexual images, etc., are all examples of things that make the work environment sexually charged and potentially hostile to some.

With any sexual harassment situation, it is important to bring your concerns to the appropriate management person. Even better, speak with a Wilmington sexual harassment lawyer from our firm as soon as possible. We can give you a sense of how to preserve your rights and avoid any pitfalls. It is essential to consult us as soon as possible to avoid losing valuable time.

Delaware Racial Harassment Lawyers

Racial harassment at work is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. Whether you are the victim of racial harassment or you are an employer seeking legal advice on how to manage a harassment issue, we are an effective resource.

Racial discrimination comes in many forms. It can involve racially charged images, words or material. It may be that you were denied employment or fired based on your race. Whatever the specific issue, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to address your needs.

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