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Relevant considerations surrounding noncompete agreements

Select workers in many Delaware businesses are intimately involved at high levels in matters concerning their employers’ policies, business plans and proprietary data. Company principals know that, while such employees are key assets to their enterprises, they can also prove detrimental if they quit their jobs absent any post-termination controls on their knowledge or ability to compete.

A worker unfettered by legal constraints might establish a directly competing business just down the road, for example, piggybacking on knowledge gained at his or her prior job. Conversely, that worker might commence employment with a business rival, imparting to that entity information/data deemed proprietary by the previous employer.

Have you faced discrimination in the workplace?

Workplace discrimination can happen during an interview, shortly after you started a new job, or after 20 years of working for a company. Discrimination can happen to anyone, in any job industry.

If you believe you were mistreated, denied a promotion or terminated without cause, you may have faced employment discrimination. Here are 10 types of discrimination and how you can take action against your employer.

How do you prove wrongful termination in retaliation?

When employees report discrimination or blow the whistle in the workplace, they have specific rights under federal and Delaware laws. These protections forbid retaliation.

Unfortunately, that does not stop employers from retaliating against employees or firing them. But how can employees prove that their employer terminated them wrongfully?

The ADA and your right to reasonable accommodations

Understanding one's rights is the first step to protecting them. That is why individuals must understand the rights they have under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

However, the act covers a lot of ground. It prevents workplace discrimination based on someone's disability or medical condition. And it also gives employees the right to obtain reasonable accommodations in their workplace. But what exactly does that mean?

ERISA and employees everywhere to celebrate a birthday

This September will mark 45 years since the Employee Retirement Income Security Act was made federal law. Before ERISA, employers weren’t bound by many rules for promises to employees about retirement plans, and they could break those promises almost with impunity.

If you’re employed by a private, for-profit business, ERISA’s anniversary is reason to celebrate. It’s also a good time to review what it does for employees and what it can do to violators who break the landmark law.

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