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What does an employment contract customarily include?

The above-posed headline query in today’s blog post is certainly not intended as a trick question. Readers of our long-tenured multi-practice Delaware law firm might reasonably intuit that there is no simple and definitive answer to the question, though.

What standard governs workplace noncompete agreements?

Here’s a potential scenario that spells a bona-fide concern from a Delaware employer’s perspective: A top employee has just left the firm, and company principals fear that the worker will divulge closely kept trade secrets to a rival company.

Relevant considerations surrounding noncompete agreements

Select workers in many Delaware businesses are intimately involved at high levels in matters concerning their employers’ policies, business plans and proprietary data. Company principals know that, while such employees are key assets to their enterprises, they can also prove detrimental if they quit their jobs absent any post-termination controls on their knowledge or ability to compete.

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