How to report workplace sexual harassment

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Residents of Wilmington and nearby areas of Delaware may want to learn more about the reporting of sexual harassment. According to a survey, many employees do not trust their Human Resources department when it comes to making complaints. Sexual harassment is illegal; the question arises as to what is the best way to report these illegal incidents? Even without hard proof, you should report an incident.

Should you go to HR?

Be aware that the person representing HR may not know how to handle this situation. They may “drop the ball” and not report it to their superiors, who can take more action. For this reason, HR often has a bad reputation, especially when it comes to sexual harassment.

Find out the policy of the company first

Before you approach HR, find out what the policy of your company is. Consider going to the harasser and telling them to stop. If that fails, go to HR.

Rather than report it to your manager or supervisor, go to HR directly. Prepare with any documentation and know when it happened, what the situation was, who it involved and who witnessed it.

The best situation from HR

Both you and your harasser should be interviewed by HR. There should be a “no retaliation” policy in place. The interview should be confidential, and you will receive a follow-up. You may never know the discipline that HR has put in place; in the event that the harasser is fired, you will know. Otherwise, you may receive a plan on how to move forward.

Your job might be in jeopardy

Reporting should not jeopardize your position; however, illegal retaliation may happen. You might not receive a promotion, or you could get demoted. Know that this retaliation is not legal according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Reporting an incident of harassment may be intimidating, but it can help make your work environment safer for you and others. Know that your reporting of the incident can help someone else to be in a workplace without harassment.