Thing you can’t be fired for if you are an at-will employee

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Many companies in Delaware only offer their employees at-will employment. What this means is that an employee can get fired anytime that the employer sees fit. This often happens with little or no notice no matter how long an individual has worked for the company. However, there are some things that an employer can’t fire an employee for.

Religion, race or sex

Antidiscrimination laws state that an employer can’t fire someone because of his or her religion, race or sex. If it does, it may face a wrongful termination suit. However, it is often difficult to prove that an employer fired a worker due to discrimination.


An employer can’t fire a woman because she is pregnant. In many instances, the workplace will also need to make some accommodations and allow the pregnant woman to take a specific amount of time off for maternity leave. Unfortunately, many employers don’t make it easy for a pregnant woman to continue her job-related duties during her pregnancy.


In the past, many employers would fire people because of their age. However, they can no longer legally fire someone who’s 40 years or older just because they think that these individuals are too old to perform their job duties. Unfortunately, many employers do try to come up with other reasons to fire an older individual so that they don’t face any sort of legal ramifications for letting him or her go.

If you got fired for one of the reasons mentioned above, you do have rights. You may want to seek the assistance of an attorney so that he or she can help you determine whether your employer fired you unjustly and if you should take legal action.