McDonald’s workers report rampant sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Employment Law |

Despite increasing awareness regarding sexual harassment, many Delaware employees still must deal with inappropriate behavior at work. Even though it is illegal and employees can sue, this does not erase the trauma that one feels from harassment. Certain employees are even more likely to experience sexual harassment when they are trying to earn a living.

A recent survey revealed that approximately 75% of McDonald’s female workers have been subject to harassment on the job. The report described a wide array of repugnant and illegal behaviors with which these employees have had to contend. Most women who work at a McDonald’s franchise report having to deal with sexually suggestive looks and comments. Even worse, 22% of respondents claimed that they were propositioned for sexual favors in exchange for promotions or more hours. Some women even reported being raped at work.

McDonald’s response has garnered criticism from those who advocate for harassment-free workplaces. The company takes issue with this survey because of the small sample size. However, the company does not deny that these incidents take place at its franchises. McDonald’s further responds by saying that it offers training to its franchisees and employees regarding a safe and respectful workplace.

Women who have dealt with sexual harassment on the job don’t have to simply live with and accept it. They can take action to get justice. Women can file a complaint or a sexual harassment lawsuit that can financially compensate them for the suffering that they endured. Victims of harassment may want to hire an attorney to assist them with the filing process.