Sexual harassment lawsuit against McDonald’s moves forward

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Employment Law |

Despite the “me too” movement becoming prominent, workers in Delaware and across the U.S. are still subjected to sexual harassment on a regular basis. This can negatively impact their job status, inhibit their advancement and cause major problems in their lives. This not only happens in smaller companies and businesses but in larger corporations as well, including McDonald’s. People mistreated in this illegal fashion should understand their rights.

Alleged sexual harassment at a McDonald’s restaurant in Florida resulted in two women filing a lawsuit. They hope to expand it to a class action filing involving approximately 5,000 women at more than 100 restaurants. The women taking part in the lawsuit worked for the company since April 2016. All claim to have been harassed. The two women at the center of the case both faced sexual harassment from co-workers at one location.

One, 24, says two male co-workers harassed her with sexual comments. She was also touched inappropriately. After complaining, she said her hours were reduced. The other woman, 28, no longer works for the company. She says she was verbally and physically harassed by a male colleague. When she complained, she was terminated. They are seeking $500 million. This case was filed in Illinois. A separate class-action lawsuit for sexual harassment had been filed against McDonald’s in November 2019. According to McDonald’s, it has improved its policy addressing sexual harassment and retaliation. Employees can call a hotline if they have concerns.

Financial backing for the claim is from The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund. Hollywood celebrities are taking part in it. Sexual harassment goes beyond the negative impact it has on a person’s job and career. It can cause them mental, physical and emotional upheaval and anguish. Those who protest could be subjected to retaliation, lose their job and their way to earn a living. A person who was sexually harassed and complained to the employer without success may be able to address these issues with help from a legal professional experienced in sexual harassment cases.