Spotlighting pregnancy discrimination claims, safeguards

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Employment Law |

More than seven a day on average, every day of the year.

That number refers to pregnancy discrimination complaints fielded by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission during 2018. To be precise, the EEOC was asked to intervene in such matters 2,790 times.

That is a sizable number for sure. It should be noted, though, that the commission’s involvement is hardly the end all when it comes to workplace-linked pregnancy discrimination across the United States. A recent article on the subject notes that the EEOC number “doesn’t include cases filed with individual states, or cases that simply aren’t filed because proving discrimination can be tricky.”

That latter point warrants a piece of advice to pregnant women who reasonably believe they are being subjected to on-the-job discrimination.

That is this: Timely secure legal help from a knowledgeable employment law attorney with a proven record of advocacy promoting workers’ job-linked rights.

“Employers have gotten much more discreet in acts of discrimination,” says one law professor who has long focused on workplace pregnancy claims. That amps up ambiguity and complexity relevant to many discrimination complaints. Legal counsel with a deep well of experience representing discrimination victims can help address and resolve them.

Many people might not know that protection against job-related pregnancy discrimination exists under both federal and state laws. In fact, such discrimination is flatly prohibited under the seminal Civil Rights Act of 1964 pursuant to an amendment inked to that legislation in 1978.

A Delaware resident with questions or concerns related to workplace pregnancy or other type of discrimination can turn for diligent advocacy to an experienced Wilmington employment law attorney.