What does an employment contract customarily include?

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Employment Law |

The above-posed headline query in today’s blog post is certainly not intended as a trick question. Readers of our long-tenured multi-practice Delaware law firm might reasonably intuit that there is no simple and definitive answer to the question, though.

In short, the employment agreements executed between management and workers in Delaware companies and nationally are variable and notably differentiated. Some contracts are flatly concise instruments that set forth wage and benefit matters and little else. Conversely, others – especially agreements signed by high-level employees – often run to many pages and encompass subject matter that is widely varied.

Moreover, we centrally note this on a website article at Martin D. Haverly that spotlights employment agreement fundamentals: “This type of legal document is not always required, but it can help protect everyone involved.”

The “everyone” reference is obvious, of course. Well-crafted and tailored employment contracts comprehensively address key legal matters affecting both employers and workers.

Both parties in a work relationship seek clarity surrounding its parameters, and promoting that aim is what an employment contract is all about. A key feature of any carefully written contract is that it reduces uncertainty, which is a core element that often yields misunderstanding and legal disputes.

Both workers and company managers can reasonably have questions and concerns regarding employment agreement particulars, ranging from subject matter and wording to scope and enforceability. They can turn to a proven employment law attorney for guidance and, when necessary, diligent legal representation.