Questions to ask after losing a job

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Being let go from a job unexpectedly can leave you experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. If the firing feels unjust or wrongful, knowing the right questions to ask can be the first step toward understanding the situation better and deciding what to do next.

Proactively exploring the most pressing concerns can set the stage for a fruitful next chapter in your career and life.

What are the official reasons?

Getting clarity on the thinking behind the company’s decision to end employment is paramount. It helps to understand whether the justifications are legitimate or if there might be grounds for contesting the termination.

Is there documentation relating to the firing?

Requesting performance reviews, disciplinary records and any correspondence leading up to losing one’s job can provide valuable insight. These documents could reveal whether the termination is part of a wrongful pattern that may be the basis of a lawsuit.

Can you receive a copy of your employment contract and personnel file?

Reviewing your employment contract and personnel file can shed light on any contractual breaches or inconsistencies relevant to your situation. If the case goes to trial, these records might contain evidence.

How will they explain the termination to potential employers?

Many human resources departments contact a candidate’s former bosses to evaluate the potential worker’s skills and character. How your former employer will describe the circumstances surrounding your termination can enormously impact your professional reputation and potential job prospects.

What are the benefits options?

Losing a job also means no longer having perks like health insurance. Ask how long your benefits will last and what options exist for extending them.

Being inquisitive after termination can help you decide the best steps forward. Gathering as much information as possible is fundamental to navigating the aftermath, legally and emotionally.