What evidence can I use to prove sexual harassment?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Employment Law |

One of the reasons why many people do not come forward about sexual harassment is they feel nobody will believe them or they will end up in a situation where it is their word against the harasser’s word.

The key to avoiding this dilemma is to gather evidence. There are some important pieces of evidence that you can find to help prove your claims of sexual harassment.


If you can get some type of documented evidence, it will be super strong in proving your case. Documentation may be emails, videos, recordings or even notes you have taken about each instance of harassment. Having written proof is incredibly beneficial because it provides something tangible to show what happened. When it comes to you notes that you take, do it right away. Do not wait and write them at a later time because you need the date and time stamps from when it actually happened. It is ideal to have this in electronic form so that there is no denying when you noted the instance.


While some people will not be willing to speak up on your behalf, there are many who will. Having others speak up about what they have seen is good evidence. You should note who was present when the harassment happened so that you can later ask them if they would like to be a witness to your claim.

Evidence is the key to ensuring authorities take your sexual harassment claim seriously. It can be tough if it is you and against the other person, and you have no way to prove what happened.