Can a wrongful termination make you unemployable?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Termination |

When your employer terminates you without warning, not having a reliable income may be an immediate concern of yours. You may also feel uncertain about how future employers will view your situation.

Wrongful termination, even if you know your employer’s decision was illegal and unfair, can impact your resume. Knowing how to work around that can help you maintain your credibility so you can confidently find another job.

Stay optimistic

You may feel disheartened to learn of the biased, one-sided and unfair motives behind your termination. Even if you have taken steps to resolve differences, the psychological impact of losing your job in such an ignorant manner may continue to linger long after it happened. According to, one of the smartest decisions you can make when handling a wrongful termination is to consult an attorney. A legal professional can give you advice on how to proceed so you can prevent costly mistakes and stand up for your rights.

One of the worst things you can do is choose to hold a grudge about your situation. This may cause you to appear unhappy, experience anxiety and overshare details. Bearing in mind that you still need your reputation to find another job, carry yourself with integrity and dignity. Allow the evidence you have to work for you and continue to leverage your experience to find a new job.

Maintain professionalism

If you receive an invitation to an interview, refrain from disclosing your decision to take legal action against your former employer. Never speak negatively of your former employer. Focus your energy on highlighting your competencies and expressing enthusiasm for the future. Your decision to treat the situation with delicacy and professionalism can help you prevent unwanted repercussions.

Working with an attorney may help you resolve aspects of your situation. Even if you choose not to return to your former job, you may at least have closure and possibly receive compensation for the hardship your termination created.