What are some subtle signs of sexual harassment?

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Sadly, for all the gains made in recent years, sexual harassment remains a very real and serious problem in the workplace. If anything has changed, it is just how prominent and visible efforts to fight it have become. Thankfully, this has helped to make people more aware of more subtle signs of sexual harassment that occur in the workplace. Unfortunately, this effort can be complicated by the fact that every state – including Delaware – has its own sexual harassment laws, and the difference in definition may require that you obtain professional assistance.

What are subtle signs of sexual harassment?

When it comes to sexual harassment, determining specifics can be tough. Thankfully, there are ways to determine a more subtle and less obvious attempt to sexually harass someone. Keep in mind that there are legal professionals available to help you determine if you may be able to seek professional or legal compensation against an employer for their treatment.

Examples of harassment include:

  • Comments about appearance, even ones that may appear benign, if they occur on a frequent basis.
  • Regular touching of the non-sexual kind.
  • Frequent contact or comments on social media.
  • Flirtatious behavior that is not reciprocated or consented to.
  • Conversation about romantic partners, sexual behavior, or sexual jokes.

Remember, these incidents may seem minor and tolerable, but you are entitled to being comfortable all the time in your place of work. Furthermore, incidents like this often become more serious and turn into something more severe.
Remember, you do not have to be a victim of sexual harassment. Document everything that occurs and when it occurs, and seek professional assistance to end the behavior.