Recognizing the signs you’re in a hostile work environment

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Employment Law |

If you work for a living in Delaware, you understandably expect to do so in a safe space. When this isn’t happening, you’re likely working in a hostile work environment. Working in a hostile environment can damage your mental and physical health. In some situations, this type of environment can also damage the future of your career. To avoid this stressful situation, it’s important to learn the signs of a hostile workplace.

Intimidation tactics

It’s understandable to wonder about the difference between a stressful job and a hostile workplace. If you feel humiliated or intimidated by your co-worker’s or manager’s comments and behaviors, you’re likely working in a hostile environment.

Interfering with your work

Another characteristic of a hostile workplace is if it impairs your ability to complete the work your role requires. An example of this is if you avoid certain work areas due to the language used by other co-workers. You might also feel too intimidated to work with others due to past or current instances of sexual harassment.

Discrimination against others

Unfortunately, discrimination remains a growing problem in the workplace. This behavior occurs when someone isn’t treated fairly due to their race, religion, sex, gender identity, or disability. It’s also possible for someone to suffer discrimination based on a combination of the previously mentioned factors. If you’re receiving unfair treatment or can’t advance from the role you’re in, these situations might be due to discrimination.

Discrimination, intimidation, and the inability to properly perform your job are all signs of a hostile work environment. No one should have to live in fear while working to earn a living. If you believe you’re working in a hostile environment, it might be wise to contact an attorney.