Sexual harassment in the FBI

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Agents with the FBI continue to be under fire for minimizing the effects of sexual harassment charges on some of its key personnel in Delaware and around the country. Women are still complaining that the FBI does not take their complaints seriously. The complaints range from unwanted touching to coercion when they report it to their superiors. Some members of Congress and advocacy groups insist that there needs to be an outside investigation of the charges. A few cases are starting to come to court.

Quantico training facility

Seventeen women at the Quantico training facility have come forward to complain about sexual harassment at that location. One woman who came forward in that case, identified only as Jane Doe, describes being imprisoned, stalked and manipulated by a senior official. She maintains that the officer was later able to retire and open a law firm.

Another woman describes a superior telling her to take birth control to control her moods. In addition, another one described having numerous complaints put in her official folder before finally having to leave the facility because she refused to have sex with a superior.

Insider Threat Office

Assistant Director Roger C. Stanton retired from the Insider Threat Office after he allegedly harassed women. He abruptly retired in 2018 after an incident that occurred when he drunkenly drove a woman home following an after-work cocktail party.

The woman alleges that once they were in the stairwell at her apartment building, he touched her bottom. After she did not react, Stanton allegedly repeatedly texted her. Stanton maintains that he meant nothing but put himself in a poor situation that should never have happened.

New York office

The U.S. Inspector General says that he found James N. Hendricks, who was in charge of the Albany, New York, FBI office, guilty of sexually harassing at least eight women at the office where he was a supervisor. He has since left the FBI and writes a law enforcement blog where he talks about his time with the Bureau.

If you feel that sexual harassment has happened to you, then a lawyer may help. You may also want to talk to a mental health professional.