Sexual harassment concerns against EDward Gaming

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Laws against sexual harassment at the workplace are designed to protect employees. Organizations in Delaware should be trained to handle cases of sexual harassment, such as the one currently involving EDward Gaming.

Sexual harassment at EDward Gaming

A former employee of the top-tier gaming firm accused the organization’s official photographer of sexual harassment. The former employee stated that the firm tried to bribe her to prevent her from releasing the story and said that the gaming firm eventually forced her out of the company.

The “Fight Back” series editor stated that the EDG photographer repeatedly sexually harassed her in public and private. Since the employee feared losing her job, she reportedly decided to remain silent for a long time. In January 2020, she came forward and reported the case to EDG. Her aim was for the organization to punish the offender, which she says did not happen. She decided to come up with a temporary solution for avoiding the photographer but says that the organization often had ways of connecting them. The former employee also stated that after she spoke out, the firm started giving her tight deadlines and hefty workloads.

EDG responded by stating that the employee had no evidence of the harassment. The firm also accused the employee of working slowly and, at times, not reporting to work. EDG concluded by stating that the company would be suing the woman for rumors and false information.

What to do in case of sexual harassment

In case of sexual assault in the workplace, it’s recommended that you forward your concerns to the suitable management person. To avoid losing valuable time, you may also wish to consult a sexual harassment lawyer immediately. A lawyer may advise you about what types of evidence to collect to document the harassment and pursue a legal remedy.