Appealing a denied long-term disability claim

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Erisa & Employee Benefits |

Thousands of Americans rely on long-term disability benefits to support themselves and their families. However, the application process can be daunting, and receiving a denial can be devastating. How will you provide for your family after being denied these benefits? Is there a way to fight back after a denied claim?

The appeals process offers you another chance.

While receiving a denial can be disheartening, you have the legal right to appeal the decision. This process may vary depending on your insurance provider, and they are required to provide you with a copy of the procedure process alongside your denial.

The appeals process involves having your application reviewed by another person who was not involved in its initial review, allowing you to have your application assessed from a new perspective.

During the appeals process, you can submit additional evidence for your claim. Under law, your insurance provider must include an explanation for your claim’s denial which must detail which parts of your policy leave you ineligible for benefits. This can help you identify which additional documents would support your case.

It is important to keep deadlines in mind.

If you want to appeal a denied claim, you must do so within 180 days of receiving their response under most policies. Some policies may allow you a longer appeals period, but it is essential to keep these deadlines in mind so that you do not lose your opportunity to appeal their decision.

What happens if your insurance provider denies your appeal?

Within 45 days of appealing your insurance provider’s decision, you should receive news about whether your claim was approved. Companies may deny an appealed claim, but after this denial there are still options available to you. If you believe that your policy should offer you benefits for your disability, you can file a lawsuit against your insurance provider to fight for the support you need.

No matter what stage of the long-term disability application process you are in, it can be helpful to speak to an attorney with experience in disability and ERISA law. They can help you explore your options, review your application to give it a better chance for success and help you fight back against wrongfully denied claims.