Age discrimination lawsuit against HP moves forward

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Employment Law |

When your company starts restructuring its workforce, you understand that layoffs may be necessary. While letting employees go to save money seems harsh to you, some businesses would not survive without streamlining expenses. But what happens when a company targets you because of your age?

Age discrimination can be pervasive when a business tries to cut costs. If employees feel that their age played a role in layoffs, they may feel they have a discrimination claim. A current case against HP and Hewlett-Packard by former employees recently took the next step in pursuing a lawsuit, claiming ageist principles cost many workers their jobs.

Younger employees replaced older ones

In a recent ruling, a judge has allowed a group of former HP and Hewlett-Packard employees to sue the companies for age discrimination. The lawsuit claims that both firms had company-wide standards of laying off employees over 40 and then replacing them with new workers under 40.

The lawsuit says that these actions forced many long-time workers from their jobs, from all levels of the companies. The former employees also claimed that a former CEO publicly announced these guidelines for making the workforce younger. Hiring managers focused on young applicants just starting out in their careers.

Age discrimination has many forms

Businesses that discriminate against older employees may do so for a number of reasons. Many experienced workers draw larger salaries due to their time with the company. Discriminatory managers may also feel that employees over 40 won’t adapt to changes in technology or business practices.

Whatever the reason, age discrimination can cost you your job despite your experience and commitment to the company. You may find yourself struggling to pay bills or out looking for new employment.

If you find yourself out of a job because of your age, you may want to explore your options for filing a claim.