NBC News chief quits amid reports of sexual harassment inquiry

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Employment Law |

NBC viewers in Delaware may watch the network to stay up to date with the news. However, other dramas appear to be brewing among top leadership and on-air talent. A different media outlet has reported that the New York’s attorney general’s office had been investigating multiple allegations of sexual harassment at the NBC News division as well as retaliation against people who reported harassment. Although the news chief for the organization had already announced his retirement, he recently left his position ahead of schedule.

Three women have told reporters that they were interviewed by investigators from the attorney general’s civil division. They also said that they knew about three other people who had been questioned about their experiences with sexual harassment and retaliation.

The attorney general’s office asked specifically about retaliation that allegedly took place against employees who complained about Matt Lauer, the news chief, former “Hardball” host Chris Matthews and news anchor Tom Brokaw. A spokesperson from NBCUniversal denied knowledge of any investigation.

The NBC newsroom leadership has been under mounting pressure from critics since it came to light that it killed a story about the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein. That story eventually went on to win a Pulitzer Prize after publication by another outlet.

Management at any company has a legal responsibility to respond to complaints to sexual harassment with a thorough investigation. Someone impacted by a hostile work environment may contact an attorney prior to or after making a complaint. Either way, an attorney could inform the employer about legal obligations and propose a settlement. An attorney might also manage an investigation that interviews witnesses and reviews workplace records to build a case that illustrates the damages suffered by an employee who was subject to illegal conduct.