Do gay workers face more discrimination at work?

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Now that Pride Month has drawn to a close, you are probably thankful to live and work in Delaware. After all, you undoubtedly read more than one story about how bad it can be for members of the LGBTQ+ community who reside in other parts of the country.

Unlike many other places, Delaware offers legal protections for LGBTQ+ workers. Indeed, it is unlawful for employers to discriminate against individuals because of their sexual orientations. Still, gay workers continue to be victims of impermissible discrimination at work.

What the numbers say

A recent study from the Williams Institute at UCLA’s law school reveals some alarming statistics. According to the study, 10% of gay individuals reported having experienced workplace discrimination in the previous year alone. Those who are both gay and a racial minority have it even worse.

Why workers change their personalities

It is not uncommon for LGBTQ+ workers to change their personalities to avoid workplace discrimination and harassment. Indeed, they may alter their appearances, mannerisms or speech patterns to pass as straight. Covering behaviors can take a significant toll on a person’s mental well-being and productivity, though.

How you can protect yourself

If you work in a place that is not so friendly to LGBTQ+ workers, you should not forget about your right to be free from discrimination. Rather than changing who you are, it may be advisable to complain to your employer. If your employer refuses to address the issue or makes matters worse for you, you may have to go even further.

Ultimately, because you may have a limited time to file an official complaint about the mistreatment you receive at work, you should explore all your legal options as soon as possible.