Some examples of wrongful termination

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There are many ways employees can be wrongfully terminated, which is illegal and can involve discrimination, harassment, contractual breach or retaliation. Employers in Delaware are never legally allowed to fire someone due to their gender, disability, age, race or sexual preference.

What counts as wrongful termination?

An employer might choose to fire you after learning your religion, or they might discriminate against one gender in the office. A supervisor may make jokes about older adults or only reprimand employees of a specific race instead of others. Some employers try to fire an employee if they refuse sexual advances. A breakup with a supervisor may also result in getting terminated, which is considered illegal.

What to do if you’re wrongfully terminated

If you’re wrongfully terminated, it’s important to collect any type of evidence that you have, such as includes emails or photographs. The courts will require evidence, whether it’s circumstantial or direct, to establish that the termination was based on illegal grounds if your employer claims otherwise.

If you want to sue the employer, it’s important to consider how much compensation you want to seek. You may want compensation for lost benefits or the cost of emotional distress. You should obtain legal advice from an attorney to help you navigate the legal system and determine what you deserve to be awarded.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated, an employee rights attorney may inform you of the next steps and review the details of the case. The attorney may work directly with the employer in an attempt to negotiate a settlement outside of court.