You don’t have to suffer age discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Employment Law |

America’s labor history is a mixed tale of advancement/opportunity coupled with myriad types of detriment imposed upon workers.

As for the latter, Delaware readers of our employment law blog at Martin D. Haverly in Wilmington might merely consider the myriad types of job-linked discrimination that have plagued employees in workplaces nationally for decades (indeed, centuries).

Sexual harassment might come readily to mind. So too might a host of other challenges, including unfair treatment meted out to select employees based upon their race, ethnicity, national origin, preferred sexual identification or other factors.

In recent years, the pernicious evils of age discrimination in offices and other work venues have increasingly come to light.

Here’s the quick bottom line linked with that wrongdoing for employees who are being singled out and suffering at work owing to the simple fact that they are older than some other workers: Behaviors engaged in by business owners, managers and other workers that evidence age discrimination are flatly unlawful. They are addressed by both federal and state laws that explicitly call out such conduct and provide victims of unfair selective treatment strong legal remedies against it.

We provide relevant information concerning workplace age discrimination and purposeful responses to it on our website. We prominently note therein that workers who are suffering from unfair on-the-job treatment because of their age “have options.”

And those options often provide for responsive strategies that yield impressive legal recoveries. Readers having questions or concerns regarding workplace age discrimination or any other type of job-based mistreatment can contact our firm for relevant information and, when necessary, aggressive and proven legal representation.