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FMLA & Disability

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protects individuals and families in the event that they need to leave work for a medical reason, including pregnancy, or to care for an ill or disabled family member. While working persons and families are protected under FMLA, the laws can be complex and involve certain limitations. Employees may also face disputes with employers who seek to deny FMLA claims. The attorneys at Martin D. Haverly, Attorney at Law, are experienced FMLA and disability lawyers dedicated to achieving positive results for your unique circumstances.

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FMLA And Your Rights

Under FMLA, you may be entitled to take a total of 12 unpaid weeks leave during any 12-month period for the following purposes:

  • A serious health condition that makes you unable to perform essential work duties
  • To care for an ill spouse, son, daughter or parent who has a serious health condition
  • When you or your spouse gives birth, to care for the child or your spouse after childbirth
  • After placement of an adopted or foster child in your family

Depending on the circumstances, any leave authorized under FMLA does not have to be taken consecutively, but the duration cannot exceed 12 weeks in any 12-month period.

We are experienced in FMLA cases involving:

  • Employees who are diagnosed with serious illness or disease, including cancer
  • Employees who are diagnosed with a mental illness, including depression or addiction
  • Employees who leave work to care for a loved one with serious physical or mental conditions
  • Employees who take time off to care for a newborn or adopted child
  • Employees who take medical leave to care for a spouse after childbirth

Do I Need An Attorney?

While there are specific limitations and restrictions — especially in categorizing eligible employees — complications can also arise for employees who are denied their rights under FMLA. An experienced attorney can inform you of your rights and benefits, help you collect necessary documentation and direct you in handling affairs at work.

As your attorneys, we understand that FMLA claims are often personal and sensitive topics. We will remain sensitive and aware of your immediate interests, reputation and long-term career goals.

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