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Disability Discrimination

Under both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Delaware laws, employees with disabilities are protected from workplace discrimination. This means that employers are prohibited from any discriminatory action involving workers with handicaps, disabilities or even perceived disabilities. If you are an employee or an employer dealing with a disability discrimination claim, you should know your rights and options.

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Employers have a duty to make reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities. The details are best worked out between the employer and the worker, and each party must use good faith in negotiating an agreeable solution. Some examples of accommodations include:

  • Adapted workstation equipment (ergonomic chairs, keyboards, etc.)
  • Access to an appropriate workstation
  • Work schedule adjustments
  • Corrective devices for hearing or vision loss
  • Time allowed for medical treatment

Discrimination may occur in a variety of ways, such as failing to provide a reasonable accommodation, suspension, termination, changing the terms of employment, harassment or retaliation for filing complaints, seeking accommodations, filing workers’ compensation claims and more.

Our firm has helped employees facing disability discrimination issues for more than 19 years. In addition, we provide sound counsel and litigation for businesses throughout our area. Clients have depended on our ability to investigate liability and damages issues, as well as our proven ability to present complex information in mediation or litigation settings.

Whether you seek to assert your worker rights or protect your business, we will represent your interests with steadfast resolution and determination. Visit our web pages for more information on the ADA, and other types of employment discrimination involving the FMLA, sexual harassment and more.

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