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Been Wrongfully Terminated From Your High-Level Executive Position? We Can Help.

If you are a high-level executive at the company, years of dedication and hard work have gotten you to where you are today. Unfortunately, all it takes is one misguided superior to believe you are no longer the right fit for the company for your employment to be terminated.

At the law firm of Martin D. Haverly, Attorney at Law, we provide strong legal counsel for high ranking members at companies in Wilmington who have been wrongfully terminated.

Understanding Wrongful High-Level Executive Termination

Just because Delaware is an “at-will state” does not mean you cannot file a wrongful termination suit. If you have been terminated for reasons you believe are unfair or that are not related to your job performance, our experienced employment law lawyers can help.

In order for a wrongful termination suit to have grounds, your firing must have been in breach of your employment contract. Common reasons for firing that fall under wrongful termination are:

  • If you believe you have been fired based on your race, gender, age or nation of origin
  • If you were fired for bringing attention to unsafe or illegal working conditions

We will help you explore the reasons given for your termination and see if they are being used as a shield for the actual reasons. Our lawyers will take the time to examine the hiring and firing practices of your former company and see how other people were treated. Even if you felt the pressure to resign we can still help you. We can also defend you during your termination hearings if you are allowed one.

Do Not Let Your Former Employer Wrongfully Terminate Your Position

In cases of wrongful termination, it takes a skilled attorney to get you the results you deserve. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation or send us an email. We are ready to fight for your rights.