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We Help Delaware Employees In Termination Hearings

No matter how life is going, different issues can pop up out of the blue. One of those issues can be getting fired from your job. However, if you are a public employee, getting fired is not always a straightforward process, many times you may have to go to a termination hearing. At Martin D. Haverly, Attorney at Law, we have helped employees for nearly 20 years who are going through the termination process.

Many, but not all public employees in Wilmington, Delaware, are given the right to due process in the firing process. Our attorneys will take the time to fully examine your case and help you build the strongest case possible.

Am I Entitled To A Due Process Hearing?

This right is only reserved for government employees who have a property interest in their job. You have the right if:

  • Your employment contract states that you have property interest
  • Prior employees at your job have been given due process and a hearing before they were fired
  • There is a regulation or statue in place that gives you a property interest

If you are not sure whether you have a property interest in your job, we can help you find out and take the proper next steps. Our lawyers have a full understanding of employment law and will be working for your best interests.

I Am Entitled To A Due Process Hearing. Now What?

Just because you are entitled to a due process hearing does not mean you cannot be fired. When you are informed that you are being fired, you will be able to set up a hearing to have your side of the story told. At the hearing, your employer must show good reason for your firing. It is important to have a strong lawyer by your side for these hearings to craft you as strong of a defense as possible.

Headed To A Termination Hearing? Give Us A Call.

Our goal is to defend our client’s employment rights. To set up an initial consultation give us a call today at 302-529-0121 or send us an email. We are ready to help you defend yourself.