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Partnership Disputes

When internal conflicts erupt between those at the top of a business, the outcome can have significant consequences. Resolving conflicts swiftly and effectively is a priority to ensure the continued operation of the business and its success.

The Delaware law firm of Martin D. Haverly, Attorney at Law, recognizes what is at stake. We have extensive trial and negotiation experience regarding partnership and stakeholder disputes within a wide range of business settings.

Our practice focuses on business-related matters. We help clients start new businesses, manage ongoing issues and legal matters, and serve as general counsel. Our hands-on representation of clients in every facet of business ownership equips us to handle the most complex of situations.

Over more than 19 years, our business law experience has shown us that most partner conflicts involve trust. Problems can escalate fast when distrust enters a business relationship. Partnership disputes can center on:

  • Negligence and liability
  • Misconduct by a member, including fraud and embezzlement
  • Disagreements over company decisions or direction
  • New partners
  • Funding and other financial issues
  • Freeze-outs

Our Wilmington partnership disputes attorneys approach each client’s case with the goal of finding the best strategy and putting it into action. We identify the rights at issue and assess our clients’ financial and personal concerns. We encourage the parties involved to attempt negotiation and find a solution that works for all. Ideas include settlements, buyouts or reorganizations. If working together is not possible, we represent clients on both sides of a lawsuit.

Regardless of your business type, size or the nature of the dispute, we are confident we can step in and guide you toward the most successful result.

Delaware Partnership Litigation Attorneys

Contact us to discuss your business objectives and learn how our lawyers can help you reach your goals. You can reach us at 302-529-0121 to schedule your consultation. Our office is conveniently located in the suburbs near Wilmington.